[Week 1]– 9 28 13


How do I know what to sell? Are people even interested in this product? Should I focus on my product or my business model first? What even is a business model?

I felt like this week was full of great tools to answer these questions. There were several articles that had different opinions and led me to ask myself questions. I’ll put this in here so if I need a reminder I know where to find them:

Secret to the Magic Box

Brainstorming ideas

Business model explanations

We were introduced to the Google keywords planner. It’s just on google.com/adwords and then this movie explained how to actually use it. 

Mostly, I feel like people are endlessly brilliant and innovative. I was watching another interesting lecture this week in a humanities class by New York Times writer, Thomas Friedman. He wrote a book called the World is Flat 3.0, and one thing he talks about how the world and business is moving from a vertical chain to a horizontal one. If something CAN be done, it WILL. The question is, will I be the one or someone else?

Will I ACT or be ACTED upon?


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