[Week 2]–10 3 13


I have discovered two things from class this week about myself:

1. I don’t have a naturally affinity for learning about business models and tools. 

2. I am SO grateful for classes/opportunities that challenge me to expand my mind and do it anyways. 

I am a business owner. I have a photography business. I LOVE photography, but I do NOT love the business portion of it. But, for to make money doing what I love the other side comes with it. 

This week we learned about buying in wholesale and different things to consider when going forward:

  • minimum units required to purchase
  • unit price
  • production time
  • shipping time/price
  • return/exchange policy
  • customer service
  • quality of product/company

It can seem quite involved, but even a few hours of research can yield a LOT of information and save a bunch of time, money, and future headaches. 

Once we covered brokers, we covered different ways to make money/fulfill orders and compared affiliate marketing and dropshopping. Here are some great links on the topics. 


Drop shipping


It is not a question of whether there will be things I have to or potential problems, and so one thing I keep coming back to is– what issues do I personally feel fine dealing with? Do I want to take payments, and then order through a drop shipper and then deal with customer complaints and returns? Do I want to be constantly making content for a site that brings in a certain amount of traffic?

What do I want to spend my time on?

That is crucial for me. 


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