[Week 3]–10 12 13


Deciding on a site builder and a host for a site is a HUGE part of a business–in my opinion. A webpage in our day and age is important. I’m pretty sure that there is a webpage business for almost EVERY type of business out there. And how you represent your business helps shape the idea that the viewer (and potential client) has of your level of professionalism. 

I appreciated the extensive list of various site builders and to have a chance to look at them in depth. It was a helpful experience for me to figure out what features and factors mattered most to me. Some to consider were:

  • Cost
  • Level of ease to use
  • Length of contract
  • Look of sites/number of options
  • Customer support
  • Reviews from previous/current clients
  • Availability to transfer/upgrade
  • E-commerce/Google Adsense
  • Domain name included?

And then it was great to compare hosts and to see if they worked with the site builder I was interested in. Considering similar factors helped with making a decision for a host as well. 

I also learned a lot this week about click-through-rates and am excited to learn more about that in the weeks to come. 

I feel like I am actually starting to get how all of these things we are learning will come together! 




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