[Week 4]–10 19 13


I felt like this week gave me great information, and also sparked quite a few questions that I had not considered before. To me, this seems like a great way to go about learning business, or anything really. Being given knowledge is great, but helping you consider what you are missing need to learn more and decide for yourself is even better.

I appreciated a few of the articles in particular:

8 Great Tips for Designing

Tips for Basic E-Commerce

For my own business of photography, it was helpful to see what I want to integrate immediately–paying for photo sessions. But what was even more insightful was seeing the options which helped spark some questions and ways to expand. A few ideas I had were:

  • Offer photography workshops
  • Sell gift certificates for services
  • Create custom thank you pages for purchases (with site logo and email)
  • Offer referral codes for customers or coupons/discounts for next shoots

I’m not sure what I will try and implement right away, but it is great to see that there are options and ways to make additional money doing what I already love to do.





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