[Week 6]–11 2 13


Google Adwords Campaign is kind of complicated to me honestly, and I am so glad that I have the chance in this class to have it broken down into smaller pieces.

When setting up the campaign, these are some questions to consider:

  • What geographic locations do you want your ad to show in? Why?
  • What devices do you want your ad to show on? Why?
  • Did you choose automatic or manual bidding options? Why?
  • What is your daily budget? Why?

Thinking about who you are targeting, how, and how much money are all crucial to having success. I’m realizing that a lot of planning or brainstorming can save me a LOT of time and money.

When you do get started, then you have to use keywords. These are not something that you should just enter in willy-nilly. Keywords are what bring in your traffic, and hopefully future clients.

There were two articles that I liked in particular to help chose powerful keywords:

This is doable! Don’t get overwhelmed, just take it step by step and you can do it!


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