[Week 7]–11 9 13


Writing ads for Google Adwords is a tricky business. There are only 4 lines and the characters allowed are fairly limited.

It made me think of when you design a logo– it may SEEM simple, but has to communicate a LOT in a small space. That means that you actually have to do tons of planning and editing before you find a product that works. 

To get started, I think that this page and the movie included by Google is helpful in tips of how to stand out to clients:

Okay, so one thing about using Adwords is organization. It is really important to understand how campaigns, adgroups and ads work. You don’t to have to adjust or re-do them later and lose information, time or money. 

Here is a helpful article that has a chart that sort of layouts it out for you:

After some consideration from all that I read and researched I came up with this ad for my photography business. I wanted to capitalize on the holiday times, and that in the past I have had more customers around this time of year looking for a good deal and to get a few pictures for Christmas cards. 

Here is my ad:

Merry Family Portraits
Just In Time For The Holidays
Mini Shoots–Only 50$. Book today!


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