[Week 8]–11 16 13


This week I learned more about improving the ad that I made last week, and how to better my quality score . This is important because having a better quality score improves the placement and frequency of my ad. Google wants to reward you for having an ad and a landing page that satisfies customers and is relevant to what you’re actually advertising.

This matters also for me because it can save me money! The better quality, relevant, and better placement means that I get less unwanted clicks, and potentially convert more clicks into clients.

This movie explains some of those points:

Okay, here is a whole host of other webpages that explain some of the factors are and how to improve them:

The next important tool, which is actually super cool, is Google Analytics. You can set up tracking tools on your website and track different information. That way you can see how people engage, what they click on, and much more. How awesome!!

Here are some great links on how it works, set up, and making sure you did it right:

I did it so it must not be too difficult!


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