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Why is it important to get links to your site? Because marketing and advertising has undergone a change. Word of mouth and suggestions from people you trust go a long way for your business. It is important to actually get involved in the field that you are working in and be a part of the community. When you start doing that, people can share your work and build you as a credible source. Links drive up your website rank and strength as well.

Here are some links to get started and some great ideas:

Try mapping out a strategy that will work for you and your business, and try being specific and realistic:

  1. Map out your strategy. (Part 1) Who and When?
  2. Map out your strategy. (Part 2) What and How?
  3. Map out your strategy. (Part 3) Where will the links be gathered?

Oh goodness–Google Analytics and Google Adwords are AMAZING (but admitedly complicated) sites that really are so powerful.  They can basically take you through your viewer/potential clients experience on your website and can show you trends. This is important because it can save and make you money and build your business.

Here are some meaty and great tutorials explaining ways to analyze the information you learn:


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