Deliberate practice


11 Steps to deliberate practice

One section I loved from the reading was:

“Deliberate practice is not easy. It is not something you were born with. Deliberate practice is effortful activity that can be sustained only for a limited time each day and exhaustion must be avoided.

The goal of deliberate practice is not to be enjoyed, the only goal is to improve your performance.”

I want to make a plan of WHEN, WHERE, HOW, and WHO. Not preparing to practice the skills, but actually practicing them.


I am going to use the library every day that I can. Otherwise it will be sitting at my kitchen table.

I am going to do the work at 1pm during week days.

I will give at least 1 hour each day of actual practice outside of other preparation.

I am going to partner with a student from our class for feedback and critique.

Goal = Doable?


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