Pages, consistency, and content


Home page

it should, “Convey the big picture.”

It does this by clearly and quickly answering four questions:

1) What is this? 2) What do they have here? 3) What can I do here? 4) Why should I be here and not somewhere else?

Common lies

Your home page will be the first thing a visitor sees

Any page should be at most 3 clicks away

What your website should include

Consistency in navigation — tell the user where they are, how to get back, or how to go deeper

Logo/title — reminds the user what site they are on (ex: yahoo)

Header — a label of the page / search bar

Footer — links to ancillary pages (ex: “About This Site,” “Terms & Conditions,” “Contact Us,” etc)

Consistency in design — Color, layout, the use of shapes and icons, typography and imagery

Content is king

Relevant & separate

Example: think of a newspaper. things are bolded, larger, ect to draw your attention to the major points


–IDEA: keep a journal of things that both you from other websites and then DON’T do them on yours

Test real people:

  • Can they find pages they are looking for?
  • Does the search give them the right results for the search terms used?
  • Do images/audio/video work in their browser?
  • Do they get annoyed at anything?
  • Are they pleased by anything?


“Awareness of problems that people could face when trying to use the Internet is important when developing good web pages. Don’t assume that your users will have a mouse. Don’t assume that people can see the images you have used. Don’t assume that everyone has Flash installed and provide alternative content for those without.” (flash is almost dead on mobile devices)


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