“Who is the target audience? Include age, economics, technical ability, education and anything else that you think is need to adequately describe the audience of the web site. Write your description down.”

Targeting upper 20’s to upper 30’s. Have a decent income, but not necessarily able to buy upfront. There are a few financing and used links which emphasizes that you can afford it somehow. They are targeting people looking for something adventurous. Pretty good technical skills, there are quite a few moving parts and things to navigate through. I think they are trying to keep an aged, authentic feel to biking, but invite in a younger crowd.

Based on the landing page, I would say the site is more geared towards men. There is a film that plays automatically that has quite a lot of violence and sexualized women. Once you get to the site there is a high level of technical and an attempt to appeal to a varied age group. The wide appeal is probably to connect with all the individual shows. Age could be 18-50, male or female.

The age group on the page is definitely more geared towards 35-75. People who are working, have technical skills, and interested in political and economic affairs. High technical skills. Male or female, fairly ambiguous.

 Let’s try out a more detailed persona…

This had a high technical level, incorporating videos and quite a bit of social media. I think the age group targeted is primarily 23-30. They seem to be reaching out to both men and women equally. There are more pictures and videos of men, but there is some compensation with a Burton Girls section. The economics would be people with more money looking for a quality and stylish product.

salad eating burton guy

What questions would this user ask?

What is your jacket price range? — Used the navigation bar, and was very easy to find. Could order the jackets by most or least expensive.

Do you have information about jacket features? — If you scrolled down on each jacket there was information about technologies used and beautiful pictures and easy to understand explanations.

Do you have items on clearance? — I didn’t see a clearance or sale bar. But I did use the search menu to figure out they didn’t have that option.


“Write a description of your target audience, include specifics such as age(s), gender(s), economic ranges, education ranges, internet browsing device(s), likes and dislikes as they relate to your site purpose. The more detailed the description the better you can understand who you are building the site to serve.”

  • Persona Group – Researcher
  • Fictional name – Jarv Erikson
  • Job titles and major responsibilities – Research Lab Principal Investigator
  • Demographics such as age, education, ethnicity, and family status – Married, 40, White, Has two young children, and a PH.D in Cell Biology
  • The goals and tasks they are trying to complete using the site – Looking to have some build their lab a new site that is functional and streamlined. He uses primarily a desktop or laptop, but their may be some need for tablet and mobile capability while attracting younger researchers.
  • Their physical, social, and technological environment – Spends his time doing his own research, managing his lab staff, applying for grants, and working on publishing papers.
  • A quote that sums up what matters most to the persona as it relates to your site – I want it to work, and highlight and sell the work we are doing.
  • Casual pictures representing that user group

pi picture

  • Persona Group – Primarily a house wife
  • Fictional name – Maylie Parmson
  • Job titles and major responsibilities – Married to a surgical resident, works in the public relations office at a nearby university. 
  • Demographics such as age, education, ethnicity, and family status – 25 years old, bachelor’s degree, white, and married with one baby
  • The goals and tasks they are trying to complete using the site – Interested in having some family pictures taken soon for Christmas cards
  • Their physical, social, and technological environment – Works in an office with students and primarily other women. Has a decent amount of free time, spent surfing the web on her computer or phone, using sites like Pinterest and Facebook. 
  • A quote that sums up what matters most to the persona as it relates to your site – I’m looking for someone who is affordable, clear, has good quality work, and is approachable and personal. 
  • Casual pictures representing that user group

25 year old picture



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