Project 8: Brochure





Right Inside Flap

Right Inside Flap



Description: A two sided (trifold) folding brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started by setting up guides for the trifold layout design using InDesign. I wanted to make sure that I knew exactly where my margins, bleed, and fold creases would be.

I looked through my recent images from different events and places I had been. I had attended a Civil War reenactment, and decided to use that as my design concept. This helped inform my message and audience. Once I selected the specific images, I edited them using Photoshop. I made a selection using an image of a flag and cannon. I knew I would use this for a wrap text section in my design.

From here I did quite a bit of research about the Civil War and what symbols or phrases would clearly communicate that subject. Once I decided on the kepis (hats), I created a logo using Illustrator.

In Word, I typed up my body copy and organized the text using typographic elements, such as header, subheader, captions, body copy, etc. Once I had this structured as I would want it to appear in my design, I brought the pieces into my layout.

I then arranged all the elements using InDesign until the colors, contrast, and flow worked well.

Message: Interest people to visit or participate in Civil War reenactments and to learn more about history.

Audience: Families, individuals, those interested in historical clothes, handicrafts, and military.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to create a specific brochure layout and how to wrap text using an image selection.

Color scheme and color names: Triad — Blue, Red and Yellow.

Title Font Name & Category: Avenir Next LT Pro Heavy / Sanserif

Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir Next LT Pro Demi / San serif

Thumbnails of Images used (all images are my originals):

civilwar1 civilwar2 civilwar3 civilwar4


4 thoughts on “Project 8: Brochure

  1. This looks amazing! I love the color blocking and scheme. The layout is very visually interesting and unpredictable. I like how you used the image transparancy as white space and how it makes the quote stand out. I love your logo and the typography used there and in the rest of the brochure. The front panel with the canon blurred and flag in the foreground is very appealing as well. Check out my zo brochure at

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