Module 1 – How To Poster


Digital Variations



Process Book

Download module1_larsen or view pages below:

module1_larsen module1_larsen2 module1_larsen3 module1_larsen4 module1_larsen5 module1_larsen6 module1_larsen7 module1_larsen8 module1_larsen9 module1_larsen10 module1_larsen11 module1_larsen12 module1_larsen13 module1_larsen14 module1_larsen15


4 thoughts on “Module 1 – How To Poster

  1. Your process book looks awesome! I seriously love it. The color scheme and layout is professional and clean.
    I am also in love with the first poster (really close up of everything)… I was under the impression we had to digitally create each part but if not, then I think that is the one you should move forward with. Great job!

  2. Jeanette, your process book is AMAZING!  Wow! I loved the layout, the colors, the typography. Great job. It made me want to scrap mine and start over. Well I was wanting to do that anyway but want to even more!  :). Your research was well documented and interesting.  I think the quantity of blue strip is a bit too much and the pictures too small. I also was a bit bothered by the knife and fork being on the opposite sides to the norm. Your first poster was very clear, bold and simple. You might try type written numbers to see if they would be a bit clearer. The 1 looks a bit like a 7 to me. Great job.

  3. Katelyn Pettit

    Your close up picture mockup looks great, the only suggestion I have would be getting the crepe in the pan cooking just a little closer in. It seems kind of shoved off the edge there and it took me a while to figure out what it was. Also maybe for clarity maybe put the temperature at which you cook the crepes above that pan. Another thing that is a little unclear is the little white dish with something yellow in it. I can’t decide whether it is lemon juice or butter. I don’t know if there is a way you can visually represent it so whatever it is is clearer, but thats something to look into for sure.

    Your process book is awesome. You are really good with colors and typography.

  4. Bonnie Schroader

    You have done a fantastic job on the design of your process book! Love the colors, the navigation and clarity you have done on each page. I love the first design with the big images the best of your two. It did take me a minute to get that the flour on the spoon or in the cup was flour. If there is some way to better identify what type of white substance since there is also baking powder and baking soda. And, clarify the yellow liquid. Maybe a cube of butter with the # of tablespoons cut on it or something since most cubes of butter have 8 lines on them for measuring next to the bowl. I too felt the crepe in the pan cooking needs to be more present on the poster, but I do love how you’ve laid out the poster overall. Nice work!

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