Module 2 – How To Poster


Digital Variations


variation4(I decided to try editing this version to add more space to the side images, I think it is more successful this way.)variation4

Process Book

Download module2_larsen or view pages below:

module2_larsen module2_larsen2 module2_larsen3 module2_larsen4 module2_larsen5 module2_larsen6 module2_larsen7 module2_larsen8 module2_larsen9 module2_larsen10 module2_larsen11 module2_larsen12 module2_larsen13 module2_larsen14 module2_larsen15 module2_larsen16 module2_larsen17 module2_larsen18 module2_larsen19 module2_larsen20 module2_larsen21 module2_larsen22 module2_larsen23 module2_larsen24


4 thoughts on “Module 2 – How To Poster

  1. Jeanette, I love the changes/improvements you have made. I think the hand drawn measurements look so much better!…since they match the arrows now too. I also really like the new symbols to represent temperature, time and fruit. I definitely agree with you– giving the side images a little more spaces does improve the overall design.

    Honestly, I only see one thing I might change (and it is super nit picky and small)… The bowl with the crepe mixture and the plate would maybe look better either lined up perfectly or not at all. They are just barely off and pulls attention away a little bit.
    Great job, though!

  2. Katelyn Pettit

    I like the new pictures you added for those additional steps. It will be fun to see how you finalize this project. The only suggestions I have are to look at how the poster space is divided. The cooking instructions seem a wee bit jammed on the side or bottom and I think the best way to fix that would be to give them more space. Maybe use the rule of thirds or golden ratio. I’m pretty sure we can have our poster be whatever size we want it so if you need a wider or longer framework I think it will be fine.

    Also, I don’t know if you would be able to do this but the white stovetop kind of stands out and looks a bit out of place. I wonder if you could photoshop it black or find a black stovetop for the picture. I think it will just help the image be more cohesive with everything else.

    Its looking awesome though! I love where you are going with it. Great work!

  3. I really like the change in the numbers. They look good with the rest of the elements. Good idea on showing the temperature for the pan. I liked the fresh strawberries more than the drawings. The white stove top is a little stark with everything else. I like the last version the most, the landscape version. It is looking great though.

  4. Bonnie Schroader

    I really love the new versions and the stopwatch idea was great! I am liking the 3rd layout the best. I agree with Preslee that just a slight tweak of the ingredients around the bowl to line up could be a tweak to consider (Though I know that means reshooting everything or some photoshop time.) but I think you’ve done a fantastic job!

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