Module 3 – Data Visualization


“Life Satisfaction”

To see my data set go to nationmaster.

Digital Variations

I decided to show the top and bottom 7 countries from the list in two completely different ways. One is a little more serious and emphasizes using color. The other is a little more playful, making two different globes. I think for the second option, I want to try playing with making it a reflection or using one globe and putting the lower ranked countries in the shadowed area.


Process Book

Download or view pages below:

module4_larsen module4_larsen2 module4_larsen3module4_larsen4module4_larsen5 module4_larsen6 module4_larsen7 module4_larsen8 module4_larsen9 module4_larsen10 module4_larsen12 module4_larsen13


One thought on “Module 3 – Data Visualization

  1. Hi Jeanette!
    I’m’ just going to jump on in it and say that I really like your second poster best. I don’t think that the smiley and frowny faces are necessary and they are a bit distracting. I do think having one lighter and the other one darker conveys your message of one happier than the other. I am noticing that one earth is slightly higher than the other and I would put them on the same line. One really important part that I don’t see is any background context. There is really no way to tell why certain countries are highlighted and what it means. I hope my suggestions help!

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