Module 4 – Map and Physical Data


Digital Variations


I wasn’t sure which placement of the key and title to use, so I decided to include 3 for feedback/more time to mull it over.

map2-01 map2-02 map2-03


maps2_bw-01 maps2_bw-02 maps2_bw-03

Physical Data

I wanted to try and use light and shadow to represent the countries with the 3 highest and 3 lowest satisfaction ratings. I feel like the data is sort of abstract and subjective, and so I wanted that to carry over into my physical representation.

light1 light2 light3

Process Book

(additional pages included in last post and more to come)

module4_blog module4_blog2 module4_blog3 module4_blog4


2 thoughts on “Module 4 – Map and Physical Data

  1. Wow! These are looking great. I really love the texture and colors because they are so harmonious. I would just darken the darkest orange a bit more so it is easier to tell apart from the brighter orange. Also, cool prototype ideas with the shadows. I’ve attempted to do projects with shadows before and it can be pretty tricky. As to the placement of the title, I don’t think that they look bad where they are, but have you tried a centered one on the top? The last thing I would suggest is making the font heavier on the country names you picked out. That would make them easier to read, especially from a distance.


  2. I love the changes you made to your map! Seriously! It looks so good. I think my eye is drawn to the middle layout but I also like the first one too.

    I agree with Sara about the thickness of the typography.

    As for the prototypes, they are interesting! I really like them. I think the one with light is far easier to see then the shadow one. Really cool though.

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