Module 5 – Map / Visual Data & Research


Digital Variations





Physical Data

Variation 1


Variation 2


Process Book

module5_larsen download

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Graphing Research

module5__project 3_larsen

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4 thoughts on “Module 5 – Map / Visual Data & Research

  1. Nice map! I really like that we can see the whole map this time. It doesn’t look so smooshed anymore. The background purple color is really nice, but the text is still hard to read. I would still recommend making it a heavier weight as well as lightening its brightness more. I also really like the addition of the colored bars at the bottom corner. It adds another interesting element. I do need to point out the big typo in your title. You will definitely want to fix that! Great improvements!


  2. I’m commenting on your research for Project 3 however I have to say that your map looks awesome!

    The process book you’ve started for Project 3 looks great! Very informative. I think you’ve done some great research and you’re off to a great start. Can’t wait to see where this project takes us!

  3. Your map looks great! I think the one thing that I would fix is the color of the names of the countries. They are too similar and a slightly difficult to read.

    Your physical data is sweet! Super interesting and fun. How did you do that? I know this part is hard, ( I am having struggles too…) but without seeing your map, the physical data thing doesn’t really make sense. I don’t feel like it represents life satisfaction.

    Seriously great job though. I’m excited to see the final thing next week.

  4. That’s nice and thorough work. I definitely like variation 3 the most. I think that placement of the elements and color palette works best in this one. In color version, the call-outs could use different value. Also, the “69 countries surveyed” is calling to much attention to that part of the poster – it could be the same color as the list items. Other than that, I think that hierarchy is great. Concept 2 is fun, but it’s difficult to read countries. Very well done.

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