Module 6 – Lego Data


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2 thoughts on “Module 6 – Lego Data

  1. Wow you’ve done some great research. Are you leaning toward one style or another? I can’t decide if my app is going to simply display data or have another purpose. There is so much potential! I think your top right example on your bar graph page (the one on the cell phone) has some interesting ideas of how you can show the data in a clever way. Good luck moving forward!

  2. Great research on charts and graphs. I like how the process book pages are turning out. It reminds me that doing the process book now will save the time to compile it at the end of the project. You did good brainstorming too. I will have to repeat the process to get more ideas for the next stage. I think that your initial charts are interesting and are good beginning to work on. Good job.

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