Module 7 – Lego Data


This week I spent a great deal of time on considering my overall style and how I wanted to tell a story. I decided to pursue the idea of “humanizing” Lego’s, showing all the types of people they  involve.

These include:

  • Employees
  • Parents
  • Scientists/Mathematicians
  • Children

I am working through 4 different people and match data that is relevant or works with them, and want to incorporate it into the scene I’ve made (such as in the family photo frames, or on a chalk board).

I also worked to design with a consistent style. I wanted to use simple and clean illustrations. I plan to use one color (or a simple color palette) on each page as accents/highlight information. I am still working to have my graphs and charts match the style, but it will be incorporated soon. blog blog2 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7 blog8 blog9 blog10 blog11 blog12 blog13 blog14


2 thoughts on “Module 7 – Lego Data

  1. I really like where you’re taking this! It looks like you’ve spent a lot of time designing your wire-frames. They look great! The settings are really fun and I think you’re off to a great start! Can’t wait to see where you take it. Do you plan to add a lot of texture or keep it simple like a smooth shiny Lego? Your drawings have some fun style!

  2. This is looking cool! You did great job on those wire frames. When I was looking at this and trying imagine how the graphs would work here, I realized that you would probably need to decrease the size of those graphics to make more room for graphs. Graphs are the most important part of this app, thus they should be properly displayed. I think that graphics you created will add a lot of visual interest to the app, even when smaller. Great job.

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