Module 9 – Fitness Fads


I brainstormed and did a lot of research this week to try and nail down what message I’d like to portray and what I wanted to focus on. I realized that I had too many topics or subparts that would be difficult to portray effectively. I also thought about the angle or overall message, and if it was going to be a positive or negative one.

I did a KNHL (L to come) chart to work through a lot of ideas.



I am going to focus on the ‘fitness’ or exercise portion of health and how fads or any type of exercise can be beneficial. I want to show that anything that gets you excited or motivated to work out your body can be great!


I spent a lot of time thinking of what information I’d like to gather from older woman who have lived through all these fitness changes. I brainstormed various factors that they may have considered or that might have motivated them. I also wanted to know what they do now, and what lasted in their lives.

I created a survey through SurveyMonkey and will start sending it out this week.



In terms of style, I want to highlight real life women who have lived through these fads and have more experience. I will highlight the following:

  • Quotes
  • Images
  • Data collected from them

I want this presentation to feel motivating and personal. I’ve put together an style board with ideas of how to present quotes / sayings and where I might include them.


  • Printed onto workout clothes
  • Posted around to motivate and photographed
  • Printed onto posters
  • Handwritten on chalkboard / clipboards


I started thinking about places I could present that would be relevant and topical. I decided to use the gym at church. There are a few times and groups of women I am going to reach out to:

  • Volleyball club (they meet every Saturday morning in the building)
  • Relief Society Christmas dinner (Early December, I need to know if they’ll be in there or in another room)
  • Fitness club (they meet once or twice a month in the evenings in the gym)

I have some ideas about how to present my data, or at least pieces I want to start collecting and incorporate.

  • Fitness t-shirts on hangers with quotes from real women
  • Stations going through the decades and highlight actual equipment used (ex: ab rollator, hula hoop, tiny trampoline, etc)
  • Play video clips of exercises / aerobics / news stories about health / etc.
  • Show case clothes worn with equipment and colors that match that decade / style



One thought on “Module 9 – Fitness Fads

  1. That is a very interesting idea. Send me the survey link and I can pass it on to my group of RS friends over here. Would you like to trade? I need answers from people who is voting from the first time in a presidential election. I got 38 respondents so far, but I would like to reach out for more. Would you share mine survey? I’m glad to do the same for you.

    I like the idea of the t-shirts and gym equipment. How about water bottles with graphs on them? Or DVD cases (as if in exercise) but with pictures, graphs of what you want to inform them.If you have a chance, talk to the Stake RS and that way you can invite all sisters 55 and above to visit the expo. You can even send an invitation to them. I know in my stake, the RS has a monthly lunch for the older sisters, you could present at a lunch like that. I think you are on your way to do something really good.

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