Module 10 – Research and Data Presentation


I decided this week that I am going to be presenting my information in a digital format on a website. I felt like this would be a tool that would better communicate to the demographic I am seeking (women ages 16 – 25).

I’m excited to have all my research wrapping up and my concepts nearly solidified so that I can just start building and designing next week!

I put my research and ideas down into a process book that gives much more insight into the process and how I want to present the information. You can download here, or take a look below.


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One thought on “Module 10 – Research and Data Presentation

  1. Jeanette, you got a lot done in these last days. Your process book had a great style and is well organized. I actually got some ideas that I want to implement on my own, thanks. I like that you used a lot of visuals to demonstrate the work you’ve done like the survey for example. I have not taken advantage of recording all the steps and iterations that I make and I need to improve upon it. Your idea of doing a digital presentation seems fitting to the audience you are trying to reach. I specially like the idea of having the workout elements in the website, and the hoovering of them displaying the information. Are you thinking about having them participate, or interact any other way?

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