Week 1 – Elevator Pitch = Spice App


I had the chance this week to consider a problem in my life, or something that I think could be bettered or made more efficient with the use of an app.  I used some questions to get me thinking:

  • “What am I looking up information on often?”
  • “What would save me time and effort?”
  • “Are there things I just haven’t considered using technology for?”

I actually started compiling a list as a went throughout my day-to-day life. Here were my top two ideas:

  • News compiler / summary — I often struggle to read enough about the news, especially specific topics. This app could include a few categories that you choose and then show you the few ‘trending’ topics that are relevant. I thought this could encourage myself to just read through this brief synopsis so I am at least somewhat informed.
  • Spice Mix app — I work hard to buy high quality and healthy food ingredients, but I find myself at a loss of ways to season them. The idea is that you could choose your main ingredient you want to use, the meal, and then have marked your current spices. Then the app would give you a nice combination. I constantly think about using something like this.

I decided to go with the Spice Mix app because I think it would help a lot of people, could be simple enough, and I saw that another student also had a news idea.

I did some research on existing apps that might relate to what I was thinking about. I think they will be useful tools to see what is working, but also what is missing or could be improved.

I tried to think of ways to make the app even more interesting or useful, but at it’s core I think the idea is pretty doable.



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