Week 4 – AJAX and deciding functionality



Jumping into AJAX this week as my teaching topic was definitely not easy. I have a very basic understanding of JavaScript, so it became extra difficult to pull apart the different parts of code. However, I did a lot of readings and tried many examples to get started. Here are some notes:

What is AJAX?

It is basically a way to enrich what the viewer sees, but adding new information to a page without refreshing it entirely.

In short, Ajax gives you the benefit of server-side dynamic content while still looking like client-side dynamic content.”

Why is it valuable paired with remote services?

“A rich client experience coupled with services accessible anywhere on the Internet.”

How is it done?

Uses XMLHttpRequest DOM API, and is done through a GET or POST.

GET grabs information, and POST is useful when getting information from the user and working with it.









App Functionality

My team decided to meet up an extra time this week to get a head start on our app, and walk through what we actually wanted it to do. This was very helpful because each of us has had various experience with study card type applications and had slightly different visions. It was also great to learn from each other what we thought was possible or how something could be accomplished. I feel like our project is much more obtainable at this point and I am excited to practice things that will be applicable.


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