Week 9 – App Time!


We started this week! We started making our app! Just a reminder, we are making a flash card study app, where you can make sets and then individual cards. It’s going well!

This week was awesome in terms of working together as a team!

What we decided to do with our project was to break into two separate teams and kind of split up front end and back end. People chose what they felt more comfortable with or wanted to try out, and it was a great split.

We met first in the week with our mini-team and I have to tell you, we got so much done! It was synergistic, motivating, and did way more than we could have as individuals.

It was also wonderful to meet back together as an entire group later in the week to review with one another. It was fun to see the progress of the other half, to learn from each other, and be able to see different parts through new eyes.

I think it has been positive that each person is working to contribute and is putting in the effort to be present and prepared. Woot woot team success!

See the code here:


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