Week 10 – The bulk


Meeting 1

The backend group met early again this week to continue with our ajax and json, and we got really far along! We added json to local storage and a drop down of quiz names created and to alphabetize them. We don’t have a ton left, a few things and some polishing!

It was wonderful to see how we could bring our experience together to make it help each other. For example, Kyle had used code to alphabetize and Zane had code to help write out json, so they were able to contribute those to the group! I tried really hard to be right there to help answer questions, look up answers to things we didn’t know, or help review syntax to make sure things were able to work correctly. Having us all work together was super helpful, we could catch each other and solve answers quickly.

Our team meeting is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2KIeP7n-5Q

Meeting 2

Later in the week we all met together and it was so fun to see what the front end team had been working on come fruition. They had made a beautiful interface! They also came prepared with some specific feedback they wanted, and also for clarification of how our parts were going to connect together. We then had a chance to discuss how things should continue to progress the next week, and how we can meet our goals together. It has been such a relaxing and satisfying experience to work with this group of people in the way that we have – everyone contributing and keeping to schedule!


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