Week 11 – Getting it done


Team work

We have really been plowing through the programming of our app, and I am just so impressed with the skills of my team members. I am working in a small group with Kyle and Zane, and they bring a lot to the table. They both have super solid grips on the material and work very quickly. I have been trying to contribute as much as possible. I work especially hard to make sure that the syntax is correct, because I notice that more often than not simple syntax errors are the culprit of things not working.

The portion we covered this week was adding code that loaded the quiz questions that were created. We also added some buttons that the front-end team could work with and style.

Later in the week we met up with the whole team, and it was actually really exciting! I loved seeing the progress that the other part of the team had made with the styling and layout. There were a few questions that each team had for the other. It was also really positive to be able to offer each other suggestions and some troubleshooting ideas. The site is really coming together!

Our goal is to clean things up and polish next week and then at the end of the week we’ll put together our presentation. And then if there are any unexpected issues, we will have time to sort them all out without there being a rush.


I worked this week to add depth to a few of my portfolio topics, CSS animations and transformations with javascript that are triggered and manipulated by the DOM. Next week I will have a few others to add to, but overall I am pretty close to being all the way done.


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