Module 12 – Final Count down


I built like crazy this week – graphs, graphics, and my webpage. There is definitely room for refinement over the week, but I’m glad it’s starting to come together.



Module 11 – Building time


I worked hard creating this week! I have two of my visuals nearly completed, and have the others fully figured out and need to finish building them out in Illustrator.

I also worked on setting up the website I’ll be using and have purchased and selected a theme. You can see it here it all hooked in here: I’m super excited to start formatting it for my needs!


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Module 10 – Research and Data Presentation


I decided this week that I am going to be presenting my information in a digital format on a website. I felt like this would be a tool that would better communicate to the demographic I am seeking (women ages 16 – 25).

I’m excited to have all my research wrapping up and my concepts nearly solidified so that I can just start building and designing next week!

I put my research and ideas down into a process book that gives much more insight into the process and how I want to present the information. You can download here, or take a look below.


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Module 9 – Fitness Fads


I brainstormed and did a lot of research this week to try and nail down what message I’d like to portray and what I wanted to focus on. I realized that I had too many topics or subparts that would be difficult to portray effectively. I also thought about the angle or overall message, and if it was going to be a positive or negative one.

I did a KNHL (L to come) chart to work through a lot of ideas.



I am going to focus on the ‘fitness’ or exercise portion of health and how fads or any type of exercise can be beneficial. I want to show that anything that gets you excited or motivated to work out your body can be great!


I spent a lot of time thinking of what information I’d like to gather from older woman who have lived through all these fitness changes. I brainstormed various factors that they may have considered or that might have motivated them. I also wanted to know what they do now, and what lasted in their lives.

I created a survey through SurveyMonkey and will start sending it out this week.



In terms of style, I want to highlight real life women who have lived through these fads and have more experience. I will highlight the following:

  • Quotes
  • Images
  • Data collected from them

I want this presentation to feel motivating and personal. I’ve put together an style board with ideas of how to present quotes / sayings and where I might include them.


  • Printed onto workout clothes
  • Posted around to motivate and photographed
  • Printed onto posters
  • Handwritten on chalkboard / clipboards


I started thinking about places I could present that would be relevant and topical. I decided to use the gym at church. There are a few times and groups of women I am going to reach out to:

  • Volleyball club (they meet every Saturday morning in the building)
  • Relief Society Christmas dinner (Early December, I need to know if they’ll be in there or in another room)
  • Fitness club (they meet once or twice a month in the evenings in the gym)

I have some ideas about how to present my data, or at least pieces I want to start collecting and incorporate.

  • Fitness t-shirts on hangers with quotes from real women
  • Stations going through the decades and highlight actual equipment used (ex: ab rollator, hula hoop, tiny trampoline, etc)
  • Play video clips of exercises / aerobics / news stories about health / etc.
  • Show case clothes worn with equipment and colors that match that decade / style


Module 8 – Project 4 Beginning


I’ve decided to do do the topic:

Health views from females ages 55+ in the US.

Audience: This will be targeting younger generations to avoid health ‘fads’ and focus on the basics of what makes a healthy body.

I know there is a ton of information available, and I need decide what will be most important.

Right now I’ve thought of researching the areas of:

  • Exercise – programs, cardio/strength
  • Rest
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements – protein drinks, vitamins, exercise enhancers, weight loss
  • Support – emotional, physical, mental

I’ve started to think about ways to engage the viewer, some ideas are:

  • Video playing of exercise videos throughout the eras
  • Piles of pills, sugar piles next to products
  • Using a mirror
  • Body measuring devices: Scales, measuring tape, body fat calipers, pedometers, other exercise measuring devices
  • Images of ‘ideal’ body type

I’m working with a group, and we met this week to discuss a plan of action for the next few weeks. You can download the group schedule.

Module 8 – Lego Completed


Project 3

(You can view the entire pdf with ipad screens here: lego_app)

I worked a lot this week to get my charts and graphs working well and to add a distinct style to the piece. I really wanted to play off of Legos being fun/childish, and then add a professional and polished feel.

lego_app1 lego_app2 lego_app3 lego_app4 lego_app5

Module 7 – Project 4


I am starting a new project where I need to select a topic, create infographics and physical items to display. This needs to be something that moves people and has a strong call-to-action.

Here are 3 ideas:

1. ARDS/trauma recovery in females ages 18-25 in the United States.

2. Food idealogy in females ages 55-75 in the US.

3. Psychology of travel in females ages 25-30.